Tire Blowout Protection System

Tire Blowout Protection System

Enough Hype, Let's Go...


By Eric B. | March 3, 2022 | Blowout protection

We recently made our first public appearance at the SLC RV Expo, and I’m happy to report that RV-DE-FENDER™ was well received.

We got a lot of responses like “It’s about time someone invented something like this!”, or “I wish I would have thought of that!”, and even some suggestions on what could make it better.

Overall, the take-a-way was that RV’er, Toy Haulers and Trailer enthusiast are done with the nightmare of dealing with the aftermath of blowouts and are ready to just enjoy their vacations again.

Who was the RV-DE-FENDER™ blowout protection Raffle Winner

While we were there, since we were only showcasing the product and not selling, we decided to do a raffle and give a tandem set of RV-DE-FENDER™ away.

A few days later, we chose the winner.

Congrats to Joseph Perfili on your new set of RV-DE-FENDER™!

Eric B.

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