Tire Blowout Protection System

RV-DE-FENDER® fits each RV differently,
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With RV-DE-FENDER®, damage from blowouts is now a choice.

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RV-DE-FENDER Tire Blowout Protection System
Unique to the Industry

RV-DE-FENDER® was born out of necessity for protection and peace of mind.

Easy Installation

RV-DE-FENDER® simply bolts on to each axle and covers each tire individually, without interfering with the normal function of the trailer.

High Grade Steel

RV-DE-FENDER® is created in Americas Heartland the mountains of Utah, with only the best Craftsmanship and Materials.

Contains and Protects

Custom rolled 14 gauge steel ensures complete coverage to contain any amount of damage due to tire failure. RV-DE-FENDER® will significantly help to protect your RV from blowout damage.

RV-DE-FENDER® helps to prevent damage from blowouts.

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First, it can contain the force of an explosive blowout.

Second, it helps protect your RV from flying chunks of debris or loose tread.

Third, it continues to protect your trailer into the future, for peace of mind.

At RV-DE-FENDER® we use the best materials and craftsmanship available.

Arch: 14 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel, built to spec for fitment and durability.

Backing Plate: Laser Cut out of 1/8″ steel plate.

Mounting Location: Triple Layers of 1/8″ steel plate ensures strength and integrity.

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RV DE-FEnder weld machine
RV_DE-FENDER | Trailer Blowout Protection System | steel
RV DE-FENDER welder guy
RV-DE-FENDER | Trailer Blowout Protection System cnc machine cutout

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Will RV-DE-FENDER™ fit my trailer?

That really depends on your trailer. To find out, use our custom quote tool. 

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Can I install these myself?

The short answer is yes, installation is straight forward. You will need to remove the wheel/tire and brake drum to access the hardware required to install RV-DE-FENDER®.

If you wish to have a professional install these for you, we are working on creating a network of mobile certified technicians to come to you and install at your convienence.

RV-DE-FENDER Tire Blowout Protection System

Can I remove RV-DE-FENDER® from one trailer and move to another?

Yes, as long as both trailers share the same axle size.

Do I need to modify my trailer to make RV-DE-FENDER® fit?

RV-DE-FENDER® is designed to bolt on to the axle using existing holes, no cutting, welding or grinding is neccessary.

*In some cases you may however need to trim the fender flair depending on application.

Also, if there is not enough clearance we may recommend a lift kit.

I have G Rated Tires, do I still need RV-DE- FENDER®?

G rated tires still blowout.

Recently a family friend had a complete blow out of his 14 Ply G rated tire that was less then 1 year old (see image). The impact tore through the floor and damaged plumbing lines. The initial estimates came in around $5,000.00, but it could have been completely avoided with RV-DE-FENDER®.

RV-DE=FENDER G Rated Tire Blowout 1
RV-DE=FENDER G Rated Tire Blowout 2

I have TMPS sensors, do I still need RV-DE-FENDER®?

Tires have the ability to delaminate and still hold pressure. It is possible for a tire to come apart, damage your trailer without notifying your TPMS.

This can actually be worse than a blowout, because you may not know there is a problem until miles down the road.

Tire Blowout Protection System - tmps sensors dont always detect blowouts

Does this restrict airflow causing a build up of heat around the tire?

In our testing, we have seen no difference in temperature using the RV-DE-FENDER® vs not having it.

Are there any disclaimers we should know about before purchasing?


RV-DE-FENDER® tire blowout protection system is designed to REDUCE damage to the RV in tow caused by tire debris resulting from the blowout of a tire on the RV in tow. It is NOT designed to provide protection to the RV in tow from any obstruction or debris on any roadway such as wood, furniture, metal, animals or other.

RV-DE-FENDER® highly recommends checking the condition of all tires on your vehicle and RV in tow prior to any road trip. We also recommend the use of a quality TPMS for added protection.

Exceeding recommended speed limits can increase the chances of tire blowouts and or accidents. We may also post updates on our blog from time to time.

Never let blowouts SPOIL your next vacation or roadtrip again.

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