RV-DE-FENDER For a Triple Axle Trailer

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RV-DE-FENDER® fits each RV differently,
Get the RIGHT fit for your RV.

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  • Fits Triple Axle RV
  • Includes 2 RV-DE-FENDER Units

Easy Installation

  • No Cutting
  • No Grinding
  • No Welding
  • No Drilling
  • Simply Bolts to Axle
Blowout Protection Options

Can All Be Used Together

The Blowout

Every RV’ers Worst Nightmare

“RV tires are the #1 most common point of failure”

~ Camper Report


“Top 5 RV Insurance Claims”

~ rv-dreams.com


“44.9 of American adults have experienced a tire blowout”

~ United Tires

Unfortunately, one of the last things people think about is "What could happen IF one of my tires goes flat and blows out?". What we do know is that even with checking tire pressure and tread depth, etc., it never happens at a convenient time and rarely in a convenient place.

I see, at least, 10-12 of these destructive incidents every summer and the heartache and devastation they cause... What RV-DE-FENDER has created is something that allows you to have a violent and prolonged tire failure, with a minimalist of damage, so you can simply pull over and put your spare tire on and continue to your destination, without losing a single day. The RV-DE-FENDER series are indestructible as well as a stylish addition to any coach.

The owners that have come in to get their unit repaired from a blow out, almost always leave with the RV-DE-FENDER system protecting them everywhere they go. You WILL want this on your unit, and if you wait long enough, you will regret not having them.

Mike Pahl - Service ManagerLEGACY RV CENTER
Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Will RV-DE-FENDER™ fit my trailer?

If you are seeing this page, then you have gone through our custom survey to determine the exact product that will fit your trailer. This page has the correct fit for your specific needs.

Can I install these myself?

The short answer is yes, installation is straight forward. You will need to remove the wheel/tire and brake drum to access the hardware required to install RV-DE-FENDER™.

If you wish to have a professional install these for you, we are working on creating a network of mobile certified technicians to come to you and install at your convienence.

Can I remove RV-DE-FENDER™ from one trailer and move to another?

Yes, as long as both trailers share the same axle size.

Do I need to modify my trailer to make RV-DE-FENDER™ fit?

RV-DE-FENDER™ is designed to bolt on to the axle using existing holes, no cutting, welding or grinding is neccessary.

*You may however need to trim the fender flair depending on application.

I have G Rated Tires, do I still need RV-DE- FENDER™?

G rated tires still blowout.

Recently a family friend had a complete blow out of his 14 Ply G rated tire that was less then 1 year old (see image). The impact tore through the floor and damaged plumbing lines. The initial estimates came in around $5,000.00, but it could have been avoided completely with RV-DE-FENDER™.

RV-DE=FENDER G Rated Tire Blowout 1
RV-DE=FENDER G Rated Tire Blowout 2

I have TMPS sensors, do I still need RV-DE-FENDER™?

Tires have the ability to delaminate and still hold pressure. It is possible for a tire to come apart, damage your trailer without notifying your TPMS.

This can actually be worse than a blowout, because you may not know there is a problem until miles down the road.

Tire Blowout Protection System - tmps sensors dont always detect blowouts

Does this restrict airflow causing a build up of heat around the tire?

In our testing, we have seen no difference in temperature using the RV-DE-FENDER™ vs not having it.

Are there any disclaimers we should know about before purchasing?


RV-DE-FENDER™ tire blowout protection system is designed to REDUCE damage to the RV in tow caused by tire debris resulting from the blowout of a tire on the RV in tow. It is NOT designed to provide protection to the RV in tow from any obstruction or debris on any roadway such as wood, furniture, metal, animals or other.

RV-DE-FENDER™ highly recommends checking the condition of all tires on your vehicle and RV in tow prior to any road trip. We also recommend the use of a quality TPMS for added protection.

Exceeding recommended speed limits can increase the chances of tire blowouts and or accidents.